Summer Camp - Baker Lodge Week 3 - 2024

Youth Program

Summer Camp - Baker Lodge Week 3

A week-long residential camp at the Mountaineers Baker Lodge including hiking, snow travel, games, and more!

Pack up your sleeping bag, your summer reading, your sense of adventure, and spend the week bunking at Baker Lodge!

Campers ages 11-13 are invited to join The Mountaineers for a week packed with camp games, skill building, and a heavy dose of outdoor adventure. Camper will work collaboratively each week to cook meals, maintain their bunk spaces, and have fun exploring in and around the lodge. 

Baker Lodge Week 3 features mid-week adventures out into the snow and further into the Mt Baker Wilderness! Take a walk up to Table Mountain to practice moving through snowy landscapes, hike around Church Mountain & Welcome, or wander the trail to Nooksack Cirque during the week. Whether playing games at the lodge or exploring trails in the area, this week will give campers the chance to engage with a new environment, develop community, and  expand their leadership skills. 


  • Open Enrollment begins February 2 
  • Drop Off: Monday at 10:00am at Baker Lodge 
  • Pick Up: Friday at 1:00pm at Baker Lodge
  • Detailed Itinerary and Packing List provided before program start 
  • *Please note: all outdoor activities are weather and condition dependent*  


Take a look at our camp FAQs or view our online registration instructions.  To simplify the registration process, be sure your campers paperwork is filled out prior to registration. This can be done through their account on the website. 

Scholarships are available for summer camp. We recommend applying for a scholarship at least two weeks before you plan on enrolling.

Or contact our Summer Camp Team: 

Badges you will earn:

Program Requirements
Program Activity Date Availability Leader
Baker Lodge Day
Baker Lodge
Mon, Aug 19, 2024
Registration closes Aug 17
0 participants
9 instructors
Heliotrope Ridge and Lower Coleman Glacier & Seracs
Tue, Aug 20, 2024
Registration closes Aug 19
0 participants
9 instructors
Lake Whatcom Park
Wed, Aug 21, 2024
Registration closes Aug 20
0 participants
9 instructors
Artist Point
Thu, Aug 22, 2024
Registration closes Aug 21
0 participants
9 instructors
Baker Lodge
Fri, Aug 23, 2024
Registration closes Aug 22
0 participants
9 instructors
Required Equipment
  • 10 essentials
  • sturdy boots
  • sleeping bag
  • toiletries/ towel
  • 4 days of non-cotton clothing
  • sturdy day pack
  • large water bottle
Program Materials

There are no materials for this program.