Youth Clubs Parent Skills Series - Seattle - 2023

Youth Program

Youth Clubs Parent Skills Series

Skills series for parents of Seattle youth clubs members

This course will allow parents to grow and develop their climbing skills as well as trip leadership skills through multi-session seminars and workshops. Parents will gain skills to be able to help out on climbing trips as well as plan and lead trips for the clubs programs, as well as become certified leaders with the Mountaineers. Parents not ready to formally become leaders, who would rather help out as assistants, are still welcome to participate in this course.

That said, a major goal of this course is to prepare parents to gain the Youth and Family Hike Leader or Youth and Family Backpack Leader certifications.  See here for the formal steps involved in becoming a leader of either of these types. 

  1. The How to Plan a Trip and Building the Calendar sessions (Nov 4 and Dec 9) will satisfy the  2.5 hour Youth & Family Hike & Backpack Leader Seminar requirement. See the formal steps document, linked above, for details.
  2. Wilderness First Aid for MAC students and youth club parents (Feb 11-12): Parents wishing to pursue Mountaineers leadership certifications should plan on enrolling in this, or another, WFA course. A WFA cert is a formal requirement of almost every Mountaineers leadership type, youth included. This one is exclusive to youth clubs parents and MAC students. Currently enrolled youth club parents taking this WFA course with the express intent of becoming youth leaders may request 50% reimbursement of the course fee. 
  3. Navigation requirement: Parents wishing to become leaders will also need to demonstrate knowledge of navigation appropriate to the types of trip they wish to lead. There is no option to fulfill the navigation requirement within this Parent Skills Series and parents will need to check the Steps to Become a Leader document for details. 
  4. For full details, see the Steps to Become  a Leader document, linked above. 

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