Basic Snowshoeing Equivalency - Seattle - 2024

Snowshoeing Course

Basic Snowshoeing Equivalency

This course is for granting Basic Snowshoeing equivalency to those who have basic snowshoeing experience.

Equivalency permits members with appropriate levels of previous training and experience to bypass the Basic Snowshoeing course. The process involves an application, a short email or phone conversation, an in person - on snow trip, and if approved, an equivalency fee. The review process may take a week or more, depending on schedules.

To apply for equivalency, locate the "Apply" link found in the "Register Participant" section at the bottom right of this page. Complete the online application to provide details of your snowshoeing experience and click Submit.  By selecting Seattle as your home branch your application will be forwarded to the Seattle Snowshoe Committee Equivalency team for response.

A current Avalanche Awareness badge (or higher) is also required.  It is not necessary to have this badge to apply for equivalency and start the equivalency process, but the badge must be completed before equivalency can be granted.

Equivalency candidates are usually requested to volunteer as an Assistant Instructor at one of the Seattle Branch Basic Snowshoeing Course field trips to demonstrate proficiency and become familiar with the Seattle Snowshoe program. If you can’t make it to these field trips, we will try to set up a date with a recognized trip leader for on snow trip to demonstrate your skills, enjoy the beautiful winter landscapes and as mentioned earlier to get familiar with our program.

Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Additional badges needed to graduate


Required Equipment

See the Required Equipment list for the Seattle Basic Snowshoeing Course.