Sea Kayak Event


Sea Kayak Event - Seattle Waterfront

Learn how our Puget Sound marine superhighway is managed by the U.S. Coast Guard, at the Seattle Sector VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) headquarters; view how they monitor marine traffic and related navigational concerns. Afterward, optionally have lunch with many of your nears, perhaps at Vinason Pho Kitchen - SODO, near the stadiums.

  • Easy, Sea Kayak II/III
  • Casual

Arrive by 9:45am or earlier to assure parking and building entrance.

Tour starts inside at 10am sharp - Thu July 11th

Note: the technical address of the U.S. Coast Guard Sector (at 1519 Alaskan Way S, Seattle, WA 98134) appears to be a DIFFERENT BUILDING on the main Alaskan drag than the one we're targeting. Unless otherwise updated here, go to the building on S. Massachusetts Street about 1 block off Alaskan Way indicated by the Google Maps link immediately above, and also indicated in the 'Start GPS Point' graphic further above within this activity template.

After the tour, optionally join many for lunch, most likely at Vinason Pho Kitchen - SODO, a short walk away at: 

1521 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Please be interested in navigation before registering. This activity builds upon the talk our U.S. Coast Guard host (Michael Bove) provided last year via Zoom during this activity:

This slideshow from last year's talk should be reviewed before attending this activity: 

IMPORTANTSince this activity is on a secure military site, it has these requirements by the Coast Guard to join:

  • You must be a U.S. Citizen
  • You must also provide your Driver's License #; Driver's License State; Date of Birth; First and Last Name list on that same document.


  • After you register, send me this info via email (to I fill out the form, I will delete the message from you. And later I will delete a copy of the form submitted after the activity is complete so there is no trace of Personally Identifiable Info lingering.
  • Sorry, but people who are registered and do NOT provide this info will be administratively de-registered two days before the registration deadline.
  • FYI - Here's a copy of the form I have to send in well beforehand. You do NOT need to fill out this form yourself. I will edit a copy. This is just to show the USCG req's I was provided to coordinate this activity: 


ACTIVITY NOTE: This 'seminar' activity REPLACES a previously malformed 'course sub-activity' I created a few days ago. If you expressed interest in this event before, I have registered you and deleted the old activity. Sorry for any confusion. Thx.


Seattle Waterfront & Downtown

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Required Equipment


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