Essential Sea Kayak Skills


Essential Sea Kayak Skills - Sammamish River

Learn how to execute an efficient forward stroke.

  • Sea Kayak I/II
  • Easy
  • Mileage: 6.0 nm
  • Pace: 2.5 kts

Meet at the public boat ramp in Kenmore.  Be geared up and ready to begin the clinic at 9 a.m.  The clinic will be from 9 to noon.  

A discover pass is required for parking.

The entrance to the boat ramp is on the southbound side of 68th, from SR522 cross the new bridge and the entrance is immediately on your right. 

Learn a performance forward stroke:

  • Paddle with relaxed grace
  • Pull into the wind with ease
  • Assist tired paddlers with a tow
  • Cruise effortlessly all day long

Forward stroke is our most used and most important stroke and the most subtle.  Since we will do more forward strokes than all other strokes, it benefits us to make our forward stroke as effective as possible.  There are multiple component movements that must be coordinated to make the most effective and efficient stroke.  Left to ourselves, most of us don’t discover these movements and fall into a technique that uses only parts of our body.  In the workshop, we will coach you a higher performance forward stroke that will bring unlimited reward or, at least, allow you to paddle with power when needed and efficiently when able.  


  • Your long, narrow sea kayak
  • Your powerful paddle
  • A forward mental attitude
  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Sit pad for land exercise (optional)

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Required Equipment

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