Essential Sea Kayak Skills


Essential Sea Kayak Skills - Lake Washington: Concrete Beach

Develop effective rescue and towing skills.

  • Sea Kayak II/III
  • Moderate
  • Maximum Wind: 15.0 kts
  • Maximum Waves: 2 ft

Meet at 9 a.m. at Concrete Beach in Magnuson Park, at the Sail Sandpoint launch area.

Be geared up and ready to start at 9 a.m.  This is a 3 hour clinic.

We will cover the essential tows and rescues, using the basic safety gear that every paddler should have.   Bring your towbelts and any other gear for rescues and tows that you have.  We will loan you gear if you need it.  

Basic competence in these on the water skills will boost your confidence to paddle competently on a variety of trips. Each clinic will focus on one area of skills. You can take all sessions, or as many as you feel you need. These are introductory clinics, but all levels are welcome. You must be a Basic Sea Kayak student or graduate, or have club equivalency status. 

Dates for the other clinics:

Forward Stroke                                                 2/4

Balance, Bracing, Moving Sideways          2/10

Rescues and Towing                                       2/17

Directional Control                                          3/9

Kayaking in Currents                                       3/17

Kayaking with a Greenland Paddle           TBA

(Kayaking in Wind and Waves was offered in Nov. 2023)


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Required Equipment

Required Equipment

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