Beginner Kayak Roll


Beginner Kayak Roll - Evergreen Community Aquatic Center

Beginner Kayak Roll Class - Seattle

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Be at Evergreen Aquatic Center at 2:45 PM with clean kayak
The session starts at 3:00 PM and ends at 5:00 PM

The ability to roll up in your kayak  is a critical skill to improving your confidence and performance on the water. It is never too early or too late to learn to roll!

We will have roll instructors for both Euro and Greenland paddle users.

There are three consecutive Saturday pool sessions from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM and this is the first one. In order to successfully roll in conditions,  you have to be fairly committed of wanting to do it and put the time in. Some other branches and kayak organization have kayak pool sessions through out the winter months where you can practice rolling. In the end, time you put into it that makes the difference.

Please check the "Required Equipment" for this class. There is a video link in there which we recommend you watch several times before coming to the class.

Note: As swimming pool time is expensive, cancellation within one weeks prior to the start of the class may result in full forfeiture of the class fee. This will be at the class leader's discretion depending whether the spot can be filled with another person.


Evergreen Community Aquatic Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Must have a sea kayak or a white water kayak, paddle and pfd.  

To improve your comfort underwater, in the past, some participants have used nose plugs, goggles, and  neoprene cap.  

Strongly recommended that you watch the "Kayak Roll"  several times before starting the course.

Some of the available books are : "Rolling the Kayak" by Ken whiting, "Kayak Rolling" by Loel Collins , and "The Bombproof Roll and Beyond" by Paul Dutky.

Online Sea Kayaking also has "Rolling a Kayak Course" but there is a monthly/annual subscription.

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