Instructor Training for Wilderness Navigation - Seattle - 2019

Navigation & Outdoor Leadership Course

Instructor Training

Instructor Training for Wilderness Navigation - Seattle - 2019

If you'd like to instruct at the Navigation Workshops and Field Trips, then this hands-on workshop will help prepare you with teaching techniques, tools, and tricks of the trade. New instructors are encouraged to attend. Experienced instructors are also welcome, especially if you haven't instructed for a few years.

We'll review the Workshop and Field Trip from an instructor's point of view, and we'll also discuss key points you should cover with your small group during both events. We'll also cover specific skills in more detail, if needed.

In 2019, we're adding Gaia GPS and Trip Planning to the course, and we'll help you set up your own Gaia GPS as needed for instructing.

Please bring USGS Baring and Index maps, compass, Smartphone, pencil, and paper for taking notes.

In order to attend you need to be a Basic Navigation Course graduate, GPS Course graduate, or Equivalency Candidate.  If your badge has expired, instructing is a great way to get your badge renewed.  Also, as of 2019, instructing in our course will allow you to earn the Basic GPS badge.  If you aren't yet trained on Gaia GPS and Trip Planning, we'll help you come up to speed.

Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Instructor Training for Wilderness Navigation
Seattle Program Center
Wed, Oct 2, 2019
Registration closes Sep 30
18 participants
1 instructor
Required Equipment

Bring your compass and maps (Index and Baring).

Bring your Smartphone with Gaia GPS installed.

Instructions for setting up Gaia GPS will be in the Course Materials tab.

Course Materials

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