Moss Workshop Field Trip - Seattle - Redmond Watershed Preserve

Field trip: Moss Workshop

Moss Workshop Field Trip - Seattle - Redmond Watershed Preserve

This is the 10am session. We will learn about moss identification using visual keys for common mosses in our area.

  • Casual
  • Mileage: 2.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 200 ft

We'll meet at 10am at the restroom. You'll receive your book at this time. 

Mosses are prevalent and glowing in our forested areas during the winter and fall. We will learn how to identify common mosses in our area and will share a field trip to identify them together.


instructors will earn:


Redmond Watershed Preserve

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

A magnifying loupe of at least 20-30 power is suggested. A lighted loupe works best in darker forest settings. Look for a loupe with a reasonably broad lens.

The leaders frequently use a camera with a macro lens in identification. Images of mosses and lichens have lasting value in committing to memory greatly varied Bryophytes and Lichens.

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