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Ultralight Backpacking - Seattle - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Imagine the freedom of traveling through the mountains for three days with a 15lb pack, including your food and water! Ultralight backpacking is NOT about traveling unprepared, unsafe or uncomfortable. It is a philosophy, skill-set, and choice of gear. Traveling light makes us both safer and more comfortable. The overloaded traveler experiences greater strain, imbalance that risks a fall, and increased danger at water crossings. Join us and begin your journey ultralight.

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Seattle Program Center Goodman A & B. The clinic starts at 10am and completes by 1pm.

Participants: The number of participants is based on the number of volunteer instructors and will likely increase, so sign up for the waitlist if the clinic is full. 

Instructors: If you practice ultralight travel or have experience, skill or tips to share please sign up or contact me.

The course defines “ultralight”. We teach how to apply the philosophy safely and how to learn and practice the skills that allow a backpacker to take less gear. The course will address the main sources of weight by gear category and how to reduce the weight of each with the goal of reaching a base-weight of 10 lbs or less for a summer trip.

The unencumbered hiker is happier, safer and able to travel greater distances. The fear of unknown conditions and the focus on “what to bring” for backpackers often leads to over-packing which can be exhausting, uncomfortable and unsafe. 

Students leave the clinic with the philosophy needed to experience backpacking as a whole new activity. You will have new planning and traveling skills allowing you to leave unnecessary weight behind. The instructors, some with thousands of trail miles, can teach hard-won lessons and share their experiences. Meet fellow backpackers, share stories and learn new techniques in the Seattle Ultralight Backpacking Clinic.

This course combines lecture, gear demonstration and time for questions. A small fee is charged to help the Mountaineers maintain facilities and advance their mission to get adults and youth outside and conserve our wild spaces.


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