Backcountry Cooking and Nutrition - Seattle - 2022

Backpacking Course

Backcountry Cooking and Nutrition

Cook along with Chef Corso over three sessions learning to prepare easy and tasty meal options using fresh, real ingredients. Join daily discussions with Registered Dietitian Amelia Guinn about the nutritional requirements for maintaining high energy during endurance activities and recovering quickly afterwards. Course price includes both Trailmeals booklets and ebooks (Vista & Wander) at $25 value.

Amelia Guinn, a Registered Dietitian, provides an overview of nutrition, energy and recovery while addressing common consequences of a diet mismatched to the backcountry activity. Chef Corso of MONTyBOCA discusses cooking techniques for the backcountry and finishes each day demonstrating preparation of a meal; students are encouraged to cook along, outdoors or in their own kitchens. The meals are designed for two to four day backpacking trips using ten or fewer fresh ingredients, prepared within 30 minutes.


  • Cook along with classically trained Chef Corso over three days in your kitchen or outdoors. The meals are simple and quick enough to follow along during the class with or on a mobile device.
  • Discuss diet for endurance activities with Amelia Guinn, MS and a Registered Dietitian. Learn about the metabolism of food, and body repair and recovery from stress precedes each day of cooking.
  • Address some of the main challenges of eating well while maintaining sustained activity, such as macronutrient balance, fatigue, hydration, “bonking”, hyponatremia or digestive challenges.
  • Included with the course are two MONTyBOCA Trailmeals pocket sized 5.5 x 3.5 cookbooks (Vista and Wander editions) along with the travel friendly ebook editions.
  • Recipe and ingredient lists will be provided before the class. Feel free to prepare the meals ahead of time, cook along with us or try them out later.
  • The course suggests some lesser-known vendors and shelf-stable foods common to outdoor cooking. Included are substitutions lists for alternative diets.
  • The course fee cannot be refunded after the first session when the Trailmeal cookbooks are mailed.
  • 6:00pm - 7:30pm meeting time via Zoom.

We will be following Mountaineers COVID-19 Response Plan and Code of Conduct. This likely means providing proof of vaccination before attending the in-person cookout.  More details will follow by email.

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment
  • Zoom-capable device
  • Cook with a backpacking stove or in your kitchen (optional)
  • Proof of vaccination for the optional in-person cookout session
  • Appetite and excitement!
Course Materials