Evening Friction Climbing Clinic - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center


Evening Friction Climbing Clinic - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Learn how to move on rock. Friction climbing clinic at the Seattle PC. Intended for this year's Basic and Scramble students but open to all Mountaineers.

  • Thu, Jun 20, 2024
  • Seattle Climbing
  • Climbing
  • Rock Climb
  • Adults
  • Casual

6:30 at the slabs on N side of the building

Friction is the technique of climbing steep slabs where there are no obvious hand or foot holds.  Strength means nothing; it's all about balance and careful, precise body movement.  It is good to learn friction technique early in your climbing career.  All climbing, except for some extreme moves, is about foot placement and deliberate movement of body weight over the feet.  Friction slabs force you to develop precise body movement because there ARE no handholds with which to "cheat".   You will learn slow motion dance on rock.

Bring mountaineering boots AND rock shoes if you have them.

Not sneakers,

Not trail boots. 


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Helmet, clothing that allows free movement, mountaineering boots.  Rock shoes  recommended.  Not sneakers  Not trail boots 

Harness and belay device if you have (if you don't have, we'll work it out). 

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