Climbing Conditioner


Climbing Conditioner - Howe Stairs

Urban Conditioning Social; hike with weighted backpack to keep Heart Rate under Aerobic Threshold the entire time going up the hill/stairs and keep moving. See more in Leader's Notes.

  • Wed, May 31, 2023
  • Seattle Climbing
  • Climbing
  • Adults
  • Easy
  • Moderate
  • Pace: under Aerobic Threshold

5:30 pm at 10th Avenue East & East Howe Street

Part of the informal series:
April & May: Weighted uphill hike (10%-35%BW) so that the pace is limited by the strength in the legs and be under Aerobic Threshold (AeT). Time  or weight will be increased on a weekly basis.  
June: Interval training hike with urban essential backpack only.  Fast paced hike to stay below Lactate Threshold levels for 10 to 15 mins with easy pace for next 5 mins, going up and down the stairs.
July & August: Mid-week leg stretching hike, after a recovery from a weekend climb and to warm up before next weekend's climb. This is a hike under AeT levels with urban essential backpack only.

Other Notes for your consideration:
- Individuals should have transitioned themselves to move up and down the stairs.
- Strength Training if already part of your regular training cycle to improve your ability to carry weighted backpack is a plus as with light backpacks, it is difficult to stay under Aerobic Threshold and strain your legs.
Post activity Social: Snack (BYO) at Terry Park to socialize
Rest week: Every 3 to 4 weeks.
Heart Rate Guidance for April, May, July & Aug activities:
AeT-10% to AeT

Perceived Effort: Moderate for those with high AeT, easy for those with low AeT
Training Effect/Purpose: Aerobic capacity, economy
Metabolism: Aerobic-fat dominates, maximum fat utilization
Muscle Fiber Recruitment: Most ST
Training Method: Continuous 30–90 min
- Heart Rate Guidance for June activities:
AeT to Lactate Threshold
Perceived Effort: Medium, fun-hard not exhausting
Training Effect/Purpose: Aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, lactate shuttle, economy
Metabolism: Glycolytic/anaerobic begins to dominate
Muscle Fiber Recruitment: All ST + some FT
Training Method: Interval 10–20 min, continuous to 60 min


Capitol Hill

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

10 essentials and filled water jugs to appropriate weight in the backpack as desired. Hiking poles are personal choice.

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