Seattle Basic Climbing - Optional Student Skills Practice

Field trip: Basic Alpine Climbing Course

Seattle Basic Climbing - Optional Student Skills Practice - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

The Seattle Program Center will be open this evening, primarily for SIG instruction events. Individuals are also welcome to come and practice skills. There may be some individual instruction available this evening, but note that most course instruction occurs at the course Field Trips and SIG events.

  • Mon, Dec 16, 2019
  • Seattle Climbing
  • Climbing
  • Adults
  • Easy

6:00PM at the Seattle Program Center

Please check in with the evening  Leader on arrival.

Possible  Skill Exercises for SIG instruction this evening:

1. Top rope belay and lower: This is a good place to start new climbers with limited or no previous roped climbing experience. Students belay students, which builds confidence. Students stay close to the ground until given the ok to climb higher by a course mentor (sig leader, climb leader, field trip leader, or crag leader). A number of fundamentals here that new climbers can build on, and use with other skill exercises. Use the Skills Book FT #1 Station 1 for reference.

2. Introduction to rappel: Done with a top rope belay and close to the ground, this also builds confidence and is an excellent way to start anyone with no previous experience. Usually done without extension or personal anchor for simplicity, and then added later. Good confidence builder for anyone struggling to feel comfortable hanging on a wall, trusting equipment, (most everyone just starting out). This video shows how.

3. Introduction to belay tie off: Done on the ground with two students. One acts as the climber putting tension on the belay rope when appropriate, the other is belayer. Done with both munter and slot device. Tie-off  safely to go "hands free". It's interesting to examine the mechanics (rope bends) of both belay devices.



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