Waterfall Canyoning Supplemental Activities - Seattle - 2023

Canyoning Course

Waterfall Canyoning Supplemental Activities

Required and optional pre-course seminars for the Waterfall Canyoning Course

From April 15 until late June, students in the Waterfall Canyoning Course are encouraged to participate in practice sessions, conditioning hikes, and attend a required one-day Canyon Fundamentals seminar.

All Waterfall Canyoning Students must register for this course, and are encouraged to participate in as many of the activities as possible.

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

Students who have canyoning gear are encouraged to bring their own gear so that they can learn on their personal gear. However, no technical gear purchasing is required for the course, as any technical gear that students do not have will be provided to loan for the course.

Students will need to purchase or rent the following gear for the course:

Wetsuit (full body, minimum 5mm on the core). Drysuit is also acceptable though less desirable.

Neoprene socks (minimum 3mm)

Closed-toed approach shoes with sticky rubber or canyon-specific shoes

The Mountaineers will provide the following for students who do not wish to purchase their own:

  • Canyon harness (caving harness is also acceptable. Climbing harnesses are not allowed)
  • 2 dynamic lanyards with locking carabiners  (PAS is not acceptable)
    • students will get to keep their lanyards, which will be sized to each student. Students will NOT get to keep the carabiners. If there are two pieces of gear we recommend purchasing, it’s:
      • An HMS carabiner with a keeper wire (Sterling Falcon Talon is preferred because it is round-stock, but a flat-stock carabiner is acceptable, as is an HMS carabiner without a keeper wire)
      • A small locking carabiner (Petzl Sm’D twist lock is recommended, but a Petzl Spirit or other locking small carabiner is acceptable)
  • 1 variable-friction descender with locking carabiner (examples: Critr, Pirana, Hannibal, Hoodoo, Oka, Resonator)
  • 1 compact mechanical hand ascender (Petzl Basic recommended)
  • 1  mechanical chest ascender (Petzl Croll recommended)
  • 1 single runner (60cm sling) OR chest harness
  • 1 foot loop
  • 1 canyoning knife
  • 1 pea-less whistle
  • 6 pear shaped locking carabiners
  • 1 locking XL Master carabiner OR Grivel Vlad (recommended)
  • 1 Figure Eight Descender
  • 1 locking alpine draw (60cm sewn sling plus two locking HMS carabiners)
  • Canyon Pack with drainage and flotation
  • Rope bag with drainage & flotation
  • Helmet (Climbing helmets & Paddling helmets both acceptable)


Our goal is to make canyoning accessible to everyone. Graduates of this course will be qualified to participate on Mountaineers Basic Canyon trips. On Mountaineers trips, participants will have access to borrow the gear they borrowed for the course.

Wetsuits can be rented at https://urbansurf.com

Many participants choose to purchase canyoning shoes, however many others use old approach shoes. Any shoes with sticky rubber soles will work.

Course Materials

You must register for this course to see course materials.