Gear Overview

Lecture: Waterfall Canyoning Supplemental Activities

Gear Overview - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Return your borrowed course gear and practice skills and socialize with students and instructors!

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This activity is intended only for students who attended the 2024 Basic Waterfall Canyoning Course. Students must return all gear borrowed for the course and this is an opportunity to return the gear you borrowed and also participate in a practice session, a two-for-one day!

Please note: you MUST sign up separately if you are planning to attend the practice session. If you are only returning your gear, you just need this activity. If you plan to return your gear and practice, please sign up for this activity as well as the practice session listed for this day.


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Canyoning equipment from the Mountaineers that you can use during the practice session and return at the end. 

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