Personal Movement in Water and Incident Management - Group A

Field trip: Waterfall Canyoning Course - A - BIPOC

Personal Movement in Water and Incident Management - Group A - Snoqualmie River: Powerhouse to Plum Landing

Learn the dynamics of whitewater and how to assist others in hydraulic and other water obstacles.

  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 1.0 mi

will be communicated by leader but plan for 8am at Plum Landing #1

Whitewater poses a unique hazard in aquatic canyons, requiring knowledge of ways to move through current, identifying obstacles such as hydraulics, and managing ropes and rigging safely for whitewater. In this module, students will develop water movement skills specific to a canyon environment. We'll practice swimming in current, ferry angles, as well as aggressive and defensive swimming. We'll practice partner assistance, diving, swimming release and managing heat and cold injury. We'll discuss the important considerations around flotation and pack management for safe descent in a narrow aquatic canyon environment. Students will also learn how to make a communication plan and launch an alert, how to manage environmental factors such as hypothermia, floods, and rockfall, and how to transport an injured teammate.


  • V7 Level 1, Section 9
  • V7 Level 2, Sections 7 & 9

Snoqualmie River: Powerhouse to Plum Landing

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

All equipment is provided for use during the course. However, if you have your own gear, we encourage you to use it. Please talk to the instructor in advance.

Wetsuits required for this module. Arrive prepared to put your wet suit on (we recommend wearing a bathing suit underneath). Bring a towel and clothes for the drive home.

You will also need your harnesses, helmets and all of your hardware.

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