Assessment Canyon B

Field trip: Waterfall Canyoning Course

Assessment Canyon B - Rachor Creek: Upper Canyon

Technical canyon skills assessment

  • Basic Canyon
  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 8.0 mi

Course instructor will communicate final plan to students, but plan for a full day, 7am-6pm, meeting at the North Bend Safeway

While instructors will provide ongoing feedback throughout the course, the final day gives students an opportunity to put all that they’ve learned to the test.  A formal assessment by the instructors gives students a clear understanding of what proficiencies they have, as well as specific areas for continued improvement.  It's an opportunity to put all of the pieces together and receive specific feedback on your overall proficiency in a canyon environment, and what your next step should be as you progress as a canyoner. 


students will earn:


Rachor Creek: Upper Canyon

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

All equipment is provided for use during the course. However, if you have your own gear, we encourage you to use it. Please let the instructor know in advance.

The final testing day will require all technical canyon gear, including wetsuits and shoes. Plan to bring your own lunch.

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