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Canyoning Course

Canyoning Assessments

Assessments for Intermediate Equivalency and Assistant Leader


Intermediate Canyoning Equivalency Candidates and Assistant Canyon Leader Candidates will take their technical assessments on this weekend. 



Intermediate equivalency application

Once your application has been received, your name will tentatively be added to the course roster. If your application is approved, the course will be put in your cart, and you'll be able to go in and pay. If your application is denied, you will be canceled off the waitlist, and a committee member will reach out to you to help you determine your path forward.

Once your application is approved, you will be given access to our eLearning pre-work. This eLearning will have detailed information about your assessments, as well as quizzes and assignments you will need to complete.

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the value of practicing before the assessment. 

Please review the requirements below, and click on the assessment you are interested in to learn about what will be assessed.

How are intermediate equivalency and assistant leader assessments different?

Intermediate Equivalency is designed for skilled canyoneers who learned their skills elsewhere and want to participate in our intermediate trips and get engaged in our community. The Assistant Leader Assessments are for folks who want to get involved as Assistant Leaders on our canyon trips, and potentially pursue canyon leadership. The assessments are much the same, but slightly different. Highly qualified canyoneers are invited to do both assessments (intermediate equivalency and assistant leader) if their interest is to take on a leadership role. If you are interested in doing BOTH, you should review the requirements for each carefully on our website, and complete the Assistant Leader Application.

Intermediate Equivalency Assessment

  • Includes 2 timed assessments that those who have completed The Mountaineers Intermediate Course passed in order to get into Intermediate
  • Note: Those ALSO seeking Basic Equivalency will need to attend a Basic Equivalency assessment, which are offered 1-2 evenings per month in the spring and summer
  • Does not include a required online assessment of trip leadership skills

Assistant Leader Assessment

  • Does not include the timed assessments that Intermediate grads completed to get into Intermediate
  • Includes a mandatory online trip leadership assessment


Before you get started, please review the Requirements

    Assistant Leader 

    This will allow you to participate on Mountaineers canyon trips as an assistant leader, and it’s an important step in the leadership development process. 

    Review the detailed Assistant Leader Requirements

    Intermediate Canyoning Equivalency

    This will allow you to participate on Mountaineers Intermediate Canyon Trips, and will serve as a pre-requisite to taking more advanced clinics. This also sets you up to help instruct at all of our courses and practice sessions.

    review the detailed Intermediate Equivalency Requirements

    Course Requirements

    This course has no scheduled activities.

    Required Equipment
    • Harness
    • Helmet
    • Adjustable Friction Canyon Descender
    • 4 working Carabiners
    • Alpine Canyon Draw 
    • VT Prusik*
    • Figure-eight Descender 
    • Footloop
    • Mechanical hand ascender
    • Mechanical harness ascender/chest ascender
    • Progress-capture Pulley*
    • Petzl Tibloc (optional but recommended)
    • Rollclip Carabiner (optional)
    • Double-ended rope bag (optional)

    The Mountaineers has gear to loan - please contact the leader

    *Note that VT Prusik's come in 7mm and 8mm versions. Either diameter is acceptable, but should be compatible with your Progress-capture Pulley. An Edelrid Spoc can accomodate a 7mm VT, a Petzl Microtraxion can handle a minimum of 8mm. If given options, we recommend purchasing the longest VT prusik available.

    Course Materials

    There are no materials for this course.