Basic Bikepacking Equivalency

Bikepacking Course

Basic Bikepacking Equivalency

This process is for granting basic bikepacking equivalency to those with previous training and/or experience. It is not a live course with activities. If you have sufficient skills and experience with bikepacking you may be eligible for an equivalency badge. This would grant you the ability to register for trips with us without taking the basic bikepacking Mountaineers course. If you'd like to learn bikepacking skills with us visit the basic bikepacking course page.

Thank you for expressing your interest in getting out bikepacking with The Mountaineers!

To do so requires either that you successfully complete the basic bikepacking course (normally held by Tacoma and Seattle branches in the late summer/early fall) or show that you have the equivalent skills, knowledge, and equipment that we expect of one of our Basic Bikepacking Course graduates. This application describes and starts the process of determining course equivalency.


1. Prospective candidates will complete  and submit the Equivalency Application Form

2.The Bikepacking Equivalency Coordinator will review the application and based on the answers  will either schedule an additional meeting/interview and/or plan for candidate to participate in a upcoming bikepacking trip.

3. Once the application form is received, applicants will be added to the Bikepacking Equivalency Course and granted a Basic Bikepacking Student badge which will allow them to participate in bikepacking activities.

4. Once Equivalency is established the candidate will be granted a Basic Bikepacking Badge.

Participants will be still responsible for signing up only for trips that are within their capabilities, wearing suitable clothing/bringing suitable equipment as specified by the leader, and carrying the ten essentials.

To earn a Mountaineers Bikepacking Badge, in lieu of successfully completing the Basic Bikepacking Course, the candidate must demonstate these skills through the application and/or meeting or ride/trip.

  • Must be a full member of the Mountaineers.
  • Must own a bike (or have the capability to rent or borrow a bike) suitable for riding over an extended period of time/miles, on gravel and/or dirt single-track trails). Pavement sections may be part of the route but will not be used primarily in Mountaineers Bikepacking trips.
  • Must have significant overnight backcountry camping experience and gear. Details of this experience must be documented in the application. A Backpacking badge from the Mountaineers would also suffice for this purpose or details on other overnight Mountaineers (or private) trips should be provided in the application.
  • Must be capable of riding up to a minimum of 20 miles in a given day (trip and terrain dependent). Before signing up for a trip, you should self-assess your fitness and endurance for that type/length of ride and terrain.

Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment
  • Mountain Bike or Gravel Bike (hard-tail preferable). Road bikes or bike-touring bikes not suitable for this course.
  • Helmet, eye protection glass and gloves
  • Bikepacking Bags
  • (Optional) Daypack
  • Ten Essentials
  • Overnight Backcountry/Backpacking Gear
  • Appropriate Clothing
  • Bike Maintenance Tools
Course Materials

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