Rock Workshop

Field trip: Alpine Scrambling Course

Rock Workshop - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Outdoor workshop to practice rock scrambling techniques on the Mountaineers granite bolder field at the Program Center.

  • Easy

Seattle Program Center at 8:30 AM

Rain or shine, this workshop will take place entirely outdoors on the south side of the Seattle Program Center. We will use the large boulder field and the vertical rock wall to learn / practice techniques for ascending, descending and traversing rock.

On most scramble trips the leader brings a 25 meter rope to use as an emergency aid in assisting down-climbing a short slippery section.  In some cases we simply hold on to the rope with one hand; in other cases we wrap it around our backs; and in other cases we put on a light weight climbing harness and attach it via a short line to the main rope.  At this workshop, we will practice all of those techniques.

This workshop will run until around 4:00 PM


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

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