Junior Mac Rock Climbing

Youth activity: Jr. MAC - Olympia

Junior Mac Rock Climbing - Mount Erie

  • Moderate

Climbing/ Camping Trip at Mount Erie! We will spend a few days camped out near the crags for climbing and quality time with  each other.   

Weekend trips for Jr MAC youth and their families to get out, practice their climbing skills, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.


Mount Erie

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Backpack with:

  • Snacks & Water bottle
  • Close Toed Shoes
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather
  • 10 Essentials
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Personal Rock Climbing Gear (If you own some)

*All necessary rock climb gear for the trip will be provided by The Mountaineers.

NOTE: Some weekend trips will be overnight and may require additional gear, which will be discussed at the skills night prior to the trip.

Trip Reports