Basic Kayak Class Pool Session

Boat fitting, getting in and out, wet exits, rescues and bracing.
Missing: Field trip
Sea Kayaking

This 3-3-1/2 hour session focuses on important safety skills introduction and practice in a warm, controlled environment.  Key skills that will be a priority are:

  • Wet Exits - ensuring that each student is able to effectively get out of the boat upon capsize
  • Self Rescues - practicing solo reentry in deep water using a paddle float
  • Assisted Rescues - practicing effective rescues of another kayak in deep water

In addition the session will go over boat fitting, getting in and out of the boat, a few paddle strokes and bracing techniques to avoid capsizes.

A swim check will be conducted at the beginning of the session to ensure that each student can swim 25 yards without touching bottom.

Boats will be provided for the session

  • Bathing suit
  • water shoes or old sneakers (no sandals)
  • long-sleeved shirt (rash guard or similar) or 3mm farmer john wet suit
    (to protect your torso while practicing rescues)
  • Optional: nose plugs or swim mask 
Required: one activity scheduled, all must attend

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