Backpacking Skills Mini Clinic - Private Residence


Backpacking Skills Mini Clinic - Private Residence

Backpack and gear check for family hiking. This is an optional follow up to the May 30 Family Backpacking Seminar and a requirement for the June 22 family backpack to North Fork Quinault. Bring your packs and gear and have them reviewed by backpacking leaders to ensure that you have the essentials for backcountry but not excess gear or weight.

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We will most likely meet outside at a residence or park depending on number of registrants.


The purpose of this is to have a chance to review the gear you have and talk about gear you don't have in preparation for going on a family backpack.  Kids and adults should bring their packs fully packed with gear they have that they think is optimal and come dressed or with clothing they plan to wear.

As a group, we will review clothing, packs, ten essentials for backpacking, community gear for backpacking like stoves, water purification and sanitation, tents, tarps, and food.

You should leave with a good sense of what gear you want to bring, what you might want to borrow or buy, and what you can share with your planned group.

Be sure to register all participants.

Let us know if you think you need to borrow any gear.


Private Residence

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

An equipment list will be sent out ahead of time as a guide.

You should bring your backpacks packed for a trip and the clothing you plan to wear.

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