Camino Weekend at Meany Lodge: Friday

Experience walking the Camino de Santiago without traveling to Spain. Sheridan and Richard Botts will provide experiences and food like those on the pilgrimage. Meany Lodge will provide the housing.

  • When: Fri, Sep 21, 2018 - Sun, Sep 23, 2018
  • Committee: Meany Lodge


Adult member (age 14+) $60.00
Adult non-member (age 14+) $60.00
Youth member (age 13-) $60.00
Youth non-member (age 13-) $60.00

Camino pilgrims Sheridan and Richard Botts and the Mountaineers are opening Meany Lodge for a Camino type weekend, September 21-23, 2018. This is designed to let you know what it is like to hike, eat, and sleep like a pilgrim. Richard will cook delicious meals with a Spanish theme. You will feast on Spanish tortilla, salada mixta, soup, roasted chicken hindquarters, fish, French fries, red wine, flan, and Santiago cake. Sign up for Friday evening through Sunday morning for $60.

On Friday night, arrive after 5:00. We will show the movie "The Way," with Martin Sheen. On Saturday, there are hikes in the morning and afternoon, socializing, making earrings or pendants with shell charms, and an evening presentation and panel discussion. On Sunday, we will do a third hike.



When you get to the lodge, drive past it on the right and find a place to park. You will be on Meany Lodge property, so you do not need a Forest Service or Discover Pass. Bring your gear to the northeast end of the lodge and enter through the “tunnel.”

Meany Lodge has four floors. The ground floor has men’s and women’s toilets, sinks, and two showers. Leave your outdoor boots and shoes here. The second floor has the social area, eating area, and kitchen. The third floor has a dorm for men and a dorm for women. The fourth floor has a family/couples/individuals dorm with single and some double bunks.

Arrive after 5:00 p.m Friday night. Depart after the morning hike on Sunday.

Bring: Sleeping bag (pillow optional), towel and toiletries, lodge shoes (sandals or slippers), flashlight, knapsack with plenty of water, hiking shoes/boots, and (optional) hiking poles.

Detailed Directions:
• Drive I-90 to Exit 62. 
• Get off on Exit 62 (Lake Kachees/Stampede Pass). 
• *Re-set trip odometer or GPS device to 0.0 miles at four-way stop (top of ramp)** 
• 0.0 miles 
  o Coming from Western Washington, turn RIGHT (South) at stop sign. You are now on FR 54. 
  o Coming from Eastern Washington, turn LEFT (South) at stop sign. You are now on FR 54. 
• 0.4 miles, Cross over the Yakama River bridge, continue straight. 
• 1.0 miles, pavement ends. 
• 1.2 miles, cross John Wayne bike trail, continue straigh on Stampede Pass Rd. 
• 1.5 miles, Bear left at FR 420 (not marked). This road “drops down below” FR 54, and is a narrower road flanked by tall trees. NOTE: Just before this you will see a "Reduce Speed" sign on the right. 
• 2.3 miles, reach clearing under power lines, continue straight. 
• 2.4 miles, cross creek culvert. At intersection, make second right turn. 
• 2.5 miles, start uphill climb. 
• 2.9 miles, Road levels, a view of 3 wooden + 1 metal electric utility poles. 
• Follow road which makes a hard right right after wooden poles and in front of metal one, (almost 180 degrees) and quickly starts uphill. 
• 3.0 miles, reach train tracks, continue parallel to tracks. 
• 3.1 miles, at stop sign/RR Crossing, make left to cross train tracks The trains are quiet and fast. Look both ways especially to your right 
• After Crossing turn right and to continue parallel to train tracks. 
• 3.1 miles + 100 feet, bear left, go up steep and narrow driveway. 
• 3.3 miles – reach Meany lodge! 
• Drive past the lodge to the right and park as directed