Sea Kayak Leader Rodeo - Rich Passage


Sea Kayak Leader Rodeo - Rich Passage

Join Sea Kayak Leaders from all branches for an event of fun races, games and skill challenges on the water - "Rodeo style". Build cross-branch sea kayak leader camaraderie. Learn something new - while having fun doing it! Please read Leader Notes fully before registering.

  • Sea Kayak IV
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 12.0 nm
  • Maximum Wind: 20 kts
  • Maximum Waves: 2 ft
  • Maximum Currents: 4 kts
  • Pace: 3kt

8:00 am +/- meet

9:00 am sharp for a paddle-ready brief talk at water's edge

9:15 am LAUNCH!

Manchester State Park:

Upon arriving, pull all the way in past the parking lots. Park closest to water in temp parking. Unload your boat and then quickly move your car to avail parking before getting geared up - enabling others to unload. There are #4 temp park spots (with 15 min load/unload access) close to the put-in steps away.



This Sea Kayak Leader Rodeo is designed to build cross-branch leader connections and skills in an event comprised of fun races, skill challenges and show 'n tell.


These may change, or be added to, pending input!

Latest details sent in email Mon Mar 27th to existing participants.

This rough itinerary initially posted hasn't changed:

  • ~30 min: Quick initial paddle  to fixed marker #10 at Point White (across Rich Passage at bottom of Bainbridge Island) where a max ebb of -3.59kt, at 10:42 am will be forming (PUG1514  details). It's not as wild as Deception Pass, but fun just the same.
  • ~30 min: Enjoy ebb currents while they're strong;  warm-up and setup for the first rodeo activity.
  • ~45 min: Maneuverability RODEO RACE  around 10 buoys, with the ebb influencing it. Best time/technique combo, judged by a few Kitsap Leaders, gets a prize!
  • ~45 min: Backwards Paddling RODEO RACE, in the wider open Bay area just north, out of any ferry route, en route back to our snack/break spot. Best time/technique combo paddling backwards gets a different prize!
  • ~30 min: Break/Snack/Lunch, at  Fort Ward, near the open area, not the launch access.
  • ~30 min: RODEO  Show-'n-Tell #1 - OFF the water: Listeners continue to eat etc. Presenters get up to 5 minutes to share something of wide interest: an incident story and its lesson; a new skill/technique; new gear; trip plans; etc. Best presentation (based on listeners' votes) gets yet another prize!
  • ~60 min: Paddle Polo RODEO and/or FrisbeeWe'll somehow team up in groups of #4 or so, and create some malleable rules for an on-the-water game. Who can help orchestrate this!? Best spot will be in front of Fort Ward, including the  SE area leading toward Orchard Rocks. It will be out of any ferry route and other deep water traffic.
  • ~60 min: RODEO Show-'n-Tell #2 - ON the water: Listeners circle around the Presenter. Presenters get a few minutes each to show their paddling prowess, a teaching technique, some specialty roll, a greenland paddle maneuver, or be creative and win yet another prize
  • ~60 min: Back to our Launch Cove: Free self-association time on or off the water! Max flood is 2.89kt at 4:42pm, so high tide isn't until 8pm (details)... 
  • ~120 min: Day Use Area #1 (closest to bathroom; very close to water): wind down with refreshments and peer networking; present and receive awards. 



Participation: a Sea Kayak Leader badge is expected to participate, but if you're an emerging one without that badge and are interested in attending, please email with an intro and/or recommendation by an established leader.

Registration / Waiting List: if a waiting list develops, I will actively ping people closer to the event to assure those registered will actually show up. Deference will be given to those showing enthusiasm to make this a fun learning event!

Roles: If you sign up as Co-Leader or Assistant Leader, given we're all Sea Kayak Leaders, then expect to have some event task requested of you! :-) Contact me on how you could help!

Bathroom/Showers: there is a semi-heated bathroom and shower in both the Men's and Women's facilities.

THIS EVENT MAY EXPAND IN SCOPE: If enough people indicate an interest in camping out, this event may get complimented by a Friday-thru-Sunday peer event. Manchester is a beautiful park with good strolling trails. We could go to Blake Island together on Sunday, for example. And I have a few special guests I might be able to coordinate for evening talks/participation on that Fri eve and/or Sat eve.

e.g. Sunday!

Optional Camping reservations can be directly/independently managed here. Pick sites 38 thru 41 for close proximity to the water. They can handle #8 people each. 

Corrections and improvements welcome:  let us know how this event description could be improved and keep an eye out for content changes! 

This Rodeo is sponsored by the Kitsap Sea Kayaking Committee with invitations extended to all Mountaineer Sea Kayak Leaders and Leader candidates.


Rich Passage

  • MapTech Puget Sound Chart No. 100

    Sea Trails Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Bremerton and Liberty Bay WA202

    NOAA Puget Sound: Seattle to Bremerton No. 18449
  • See full route/place details.
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Standard sea kayaking equipment requirements, including immersion gear, paddle float, pump, spray skirt, tow rope etc. Bring everything a leader should!

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