Intermediate Climbing Course Package - 2023

Climbing Course

Intermediate Climbing Course

Package of Intermediate Climbing Courses including Intermediate Glacier Travel, Leading on Rock, Alpine Ice Climbing, Climbing Self-Rescue I and II, and the Outdoor Leadership Course.

Kitsap Branch conducts the Intermediate Climbing course as individual modules as listed in the summary. Signing up for this Package of courses allows climbers who know they would like to complete all the modules to sign up for one package at a lower cost than the individual courses. The Package registration is good for 5 years. Each module has a 2-year duration. Completing the package course requires completing the modules and 5 additional climbs - 2 rock; 2 ice; and 1 additional alpine climb - and to participate in teaching the Basic Climbing Course and/or acting as a rope lead on Basic climbs.


-Self-Rescue II (for 2022 students) will be 2 weeknights in Dec 22-Jan 23 and 1 FT in Jan 23.
-Outdoor Leadership - two week nights at the PC (Jan 12 and Jan 19)
-Winter Mountaineering and Advanced Glacier Travel will be 1 weekend in February 18-19, 2023 (Mount Ellinor) and May 23 (Mount Rainier). Also considering an advanced crevasse rescue part of the course on the Easton Glacier at Mount Baker.
-Leading on Rock (Spire Mar 12; Vantage Mar 25-26; Tieton Apr 23-24 (this is a Sunday-Monday. May move to Apr 22-23); Leavenworth I June 3; Leavenworth II June 4. Ryan is lead here.
-Self Rescue I (May 18 classroom and May 21 School Rock) 
-Alpine Ice (August and September. Will either be at Coleman Seracs or Lower Nisqually and then a second location for a climb. Observation Rock has been the go-to for this, but was not climbable in October 2022 and may no longer be. Still need a second trip to finish Alpine Ice for 2022 and will likely be Mount Hood Leuthold Couloir in March.)
Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Additional badges needed to graduate


Required Equipment

Equipment will be specified in each of the individual courses. Our philosophy is to allow students to borrow or  try our collective gear as much as possible to gain a feel for what they want to eventually purchase. This is particularly true of the Alpine Ice Climbing course where ice tools and ice screws represent a significant additional investment beyond basic climbing equipment. 

Course Materials