Yoga for Mountaineers


Yoga for Mountaineers - Lake Sammamish State Park

Let the physical and mental benefits of this outdoor yoga class help you develop strength, balance, and awareness to enrich your outdoor activities.

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Meet at the Rotunda Shelter at 6:30 pm.  A Discover Pass is required for parking.

Why should Mountaineers practice yoga? Yoga is a great complement for many Mountaineers activities. While many outdoor activities tend to shorten and tighten muscles, yoga lengthens muscles and improves flexibility.  Plus, yoga is a great way to develop the core strength and balance essential for a purposeful life.  A consistent yoga practice can bring your body into better alignment, stretch tight muscles, and minimize overuse injuries.  Through yoga, you can develop the mindfulness to be aware of what your body needs to sustain you through any challenge you face on the trail.

This outdoor yoga class will emphasize the connection between the body, mind, and breath. We'll begin with a few minutes of centering and focused breathing, then move on to a series of gentle postures with a focus on how the body feels in each posture.  The class ends with several minutes of relaxation in a resting posture.  Students will leave class with more awareness of how their bodies respond to their breath and movements in each moment.

In an effort to make yoga available regardless of financial means, this clinic is free for Mountaineers members.  However, if you have the means, please consider making a donation to the Mountaineers.


Lake Sammamish State Park

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Please bring a yoga mat.  Blocks, a strap, and a blanket might also be helpful.

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