Conditioning for Hiking and Backpacking Level II

This course builds on Conditioning for Hiking and Backpacking Level I, further strengthening major muscles used during hiking and backpacking. The goal of this course is to gain mobility, stability, and the strength needed to hike and backpack with ease while helping to prevent injuries. Experienced hikers can attend Level II without Level I though they are helpful together.
Day Hiking

At this course you will learn a sport specific training routine for hikers and backpackers.  Experienced hikers may attend Level II without Level I but it is recommended that you do both in sequence - to find the level I course go to

Teachings include: 

  • Dynamic warm-up for hikers including myofascial release techniques
  • Level II core exercises
  • Level II lower body exercises
  • Proper hiker’s/backpacker’s cool down
  • Level II progression handout of hiking specific exercises
  • Level II progression calendar of hiking mileage with backpack weight 

During this course you will receive a specialized training plan that will outline proper progression of sets and repetitions for each exercise taught over a one-month period.  You will also develop a personalized workout calendar to help keep you on track with your pre-season training program.  All exercises taught in the class can be performed at home or outdoors.  

This is a hands on course, be sure to bring your workout clothes!  If you have a foam roller or rolling stick, bring it with you. 

Instructor Bio:  

Sheri Goodwin taught and coached in the Shoreline School district for 13 years before starting her dream business, Transformational Journeys.  She holds a Masters in Education, and a Bachelor’s in Physical Education with an Endorsement in Health from the University of Puget Sound.  Sheri is a Personal Trainer through the National Personal Trainers Institute (NPTI), a Reconnective Healer (RH) and practices Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  Sheri’s trekking adventures in Nepal, Patagonia, Peru, up Kilimanjaro, as well as along the Camino de Santiago, Way of St. Frances (Assisi to Rome), Hadrian’s Wall in England and around the Wonderland Trail of Mount Rainier have inspired her to help others experience these life-changing journeys!


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