Ultralight Backpacking Gear and Strategies - Foothills - 2024

Backpacking Course

Ultralight Backpacking Gear and Strategies

This course introduces principles, tools and gear options to dramatically shrink the weight of your overnight pack, including a hands-on clinic at North Bellevue Community Center, and a 'practice' camp' at Saint Edwards State Park.

This course teaches the principles, strategies and product knowledge of ultralight backpacking to fit your personal goals, style, needs and trip conditions rather than taking the one-gear-fits-all approach. We provide extensive coverage and demonstrations of the latest clothing, gear and food to help you design your own individual system. We also look at innovative products from home-based gear designers as well as resources for making your own gear. 

An indoor clinic will give you detailed background through a lecture on ultralight strategies, tools and options plus a chance to inspect many different gear options and ask questions.  Then an optional 'practice camp' will allow you to pack your pack, walk out in a local park and set up-try out your gear while also getting a chance to look at other people's gear and strategies.

Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Ultralight Backpacking Gear and Strategies - Indoor Clinic
North Bellevue Community Center
Mon, Apr 1, 2024
Registration closes Mar 30
0 participants
1 instructor
Ultralight Backpacking Gear and Strategies - Outdoor Practice Camp (optional)
Saint Edward State Park
Sun, Apr 28, 2024
Registration closes Apr 26
26 participants
2 instructors
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