Collaborative Family Backpack - Youth Trip

Field trip: Backpacking with Kids

Collaborative Family Backpack - Youth Trip

If there is sufficient interest, I can help walk through the steps in (caveat: what I do) planning a successful family backpack and we can work together to create a fun experience for our kiddos!

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If we go the collaboration route there will be extra time involved in route research and planning, group gear, etc. You would need to participate in a Zoom meeting on the evening of May 16th to discuss trip options. We will have email/google doc going prior to the meeting. 

The dates on this can be flexible for me - we can go anytime between Monday, July 29 - Sunday, August 4th - depending on how popular of a site we end up choosing. 

If there is little/no interest in learning about trip planning, then I will just pick a place and we will go!

If you have any questions/ideas/requests/etc, feel free to email me at

Erica will do this later after we've figure out details! 

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Erica will do later after we have figured out what exactly we're doing. 😅

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