Ultralight Backpacking Gear and Strategies - Indoor Clinic - North Bellevue Community Center

Lecture: Backpacking Building Blocks (B3) Course

Ultralight Backpacking Gear and Strategies - Indoor Clinic - North Bellevue Community Center

We want to welcome you to the wild, wonderful world of Ultralight backpacking, where occasional suffering is taken for granted and we stray into the realms of philosophy and risk management while pondering ultra-light gear choices! To keep the course enrollment small and enjoyable for those who are seeking en-light-enment, please only register if you are serious and feel ready to soar. NOTE: THIS CLINIC HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE NORTH BELLEVUE COMMUNITY CENTER AND NOT AT THE SEATTLE PROGRAM CENTER.

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The group will gather at 6:30PM in the Banquet Room at North Bellevue Community Center.  The session will go until approximately 8PM after which everyone is asked to stay to help clean up.

This course teaches the principles, strategies and product knowledge of ultralight backpacking to fit your personal goals, style, needs and trip conditions rather than taking the one-gear-fits-all approach. We provide extensive coverage and demonstrations of the latest clothing, gear and food to help you design your own individual system. We also look at innovative products from home-based gear designers as well as resources for making your own gear. 

An indoor clinic will give you detailed background through a lecture on ultralight strategies, tools and options plus a chance to inspect many different gear options and ask questions.  Then an optional 'practice camp' will allow you to pack your pack, walk out in a local park and set up-try out your gear while also getting a chance to look at other people's gear and strategies.

This course assumes that you have a basic knowledge of your own wants, needs and expectations backpacking. Going ultralight is about many different tradeoffs, some of them uncomfortable and expensive, in the pursuit of lightness. You may be UL-curious, great! But, keep in mind that going all in and all out might not be right for you initially until you have more experience with your comfort level in the backcountry.


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