Mentor Group Practice Camp

Field trip: Backpacking Building Blocks (B3) Course

Mentor Group Practice Camp - Lake Sammamish State Park

This practice camp for Yates and Casey's mentor group at location} will allow their group to practice packing their pack, setting up their shelter, gathering and filtering/treating water and making a meal, while also checking out their mentors' and fellow mentees' gear.

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Enter at the entrance along NW Sammamish Rd. We will meet at Sunset Beach at 10am. (If the lawn is too crowded or flooded, we will move to Tibbetts Beach.)  You will need a Discover Pass to park. (You can buy a Discover Pass at the park entrance or at a kiosk at Tibbetts Beach if you don't have one.)

After we meet up, we will find a spot on the lawn for our practice camp and then follow the agenda below. 

- Setting up tents, including how to select a campsite and how to pitch and secure your tent.

- Setting up a sleep system, including maximizing warmth and minimizing moisture

- We will walk to the lake to collect water and practice filtering

- We will make (and eat!) lunch and discuss how to use a stove, preparing freeze dried or dehydrated meals, and other options for cooking in camp 

- Breaking camp, including how to pack your pack and keep gear dry when your tent is wet.

We will be done by 3pm. 


Lake Sammamish State Park

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Bring your backpack loaded with all of the gear that you have rented, borrowed or bought to date, and all of your questions! If you don't have a full kit yet, you can learn by helping others  and practicing with their gear. Bring a meal, ideally something requiring a stove or comparable to what you would cook for breakfast or dinner in camp. 

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