Backpacking Building Blocks Student-Only Backpack

Field trip: Backpacking Building Blocks (B3) Course

Backpacking Building Blocks Student-Only Backpack - Enchanted Valley

Hike an easy 26 miles round trip through towering mossy rainforest along one of the Olympics’ grandest rivers, to a deep green valley and meadow camps surrounded by cliffs with cascading waterfalls. Enjoy bears, elk, and an abandoned chalet for company. Total elevation gain 1800ft. This field trip will give B3 students the opportunity to try out gear and new skills on a moderate, 2-night backpack with experienced mentors. Early priority for registration will be given to students in Colin and Yates' mentor group.

  • Easy
  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 26.5 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,800 ft

Graves Creek Trailhead (

Friday May 19th at 9am

Rain or shine

This is a relaxed (but long distance!), beginner’s backpacking trip to give students the opportunity to try out their gear and apply the skills they've learned in the B3 course.  We’ll be hiking along the Quinault River, at a moderate pace (1.5-2 mph), with a goal of enjoying the area’s scenery and learning as much as possible.  This is one of Washington State’s iconic backpacking trips, with a knockout-beautiful destination.

We’ll meet at the Graves Creek Trailhead and hike upstream 13 miles on the East Fork Quinault River Trail to the Enchanted Valley.  The camp at Enchanted Valley has ample space for multiple groups and includes a cool, abandoned chalet that was built in the 1930’s.

Participants will each be responsible for the $16/person permit fee.

Gaia GPS route detailing the trip from the trailhead to Enchanted Valley

After our 13-mile Friday and before our 13-mile Sunday, we’ll have a variety of options for Saturday:

  • Hang out in camp
  • Take a short hike to the world’s largest Western Hemlock
  • Take a dayhike up towards Anderson Pass (9.2 miles, 4100’ gain).  Note that snow will very likely prevent us from making it all the way to Anderson Pass.  Gaia GPS route detailing the potential dayhike:

Enchanted Valley

  • Green Trails Mt Christie No. 166

    Green Trails Mt Steel No. 167

    Trails Illustrated Olympic National Park

    Custom Correct Quinault-Colonel Bob

    Custom Correct Enchanted Valley - Skokomish

    Custom Correct Brothers - Mt Anderson
  • See full route/place details.
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Ten Essentials

Bear canister approved for use in Olympic National Park:

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