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Climbing Course

Mixed Climbing

Introduction to mixed climbing

NOTE: for 2024, this course will only be open to Foothills Climbing Volunteers and Climbers. This is a brand new course and we're actively tweaking/working the course

NOTE NOTE: members of Foothills Climbing that meet the minimum volunteer requirements and are accepted into the course will have their fee waived.

This course introduces concepts to mixed climbing. Over the course of a few months, students will get the opportunity to mixed climb on a variety of surfaces, culminating  in a winter mixed climb.

Course objectives

  • Learning about gear for mixed climbing
  • Mixed Climbing techniques, including pick placements, footwork, movement, and strategy
  • Ethics and where to go climbing
  • Optional Emergency Bivy

Course  Sessions include

  • Kick off & Dry Tooling at the Seattle Program Center
  • Dry Tooling at the Barne
  • Climbing at Cougar Drytool Crag
  • Climbing at Wayne's World
  • Experience Trip


  • Leading on Trad Course Graduate (or equivalent)
  • Winter Mountaineering & Advanced Crevasse Rescue Course Graduate ( or equivalent)
  • Alpine Ice or Water Ice Course or Experience (Vertical ice climbing with two tools, not steep glacier climbing)
  • Minimum of 2 Intermediate Alpine Rock climbs
  • Minimum of 1 Glacier Climb as a Rope Leader
  • Minimum of 3 volunteer days in the last year helping with Basic or Intermediate Climbing Course 

Your Course Fee Breakdown is as follows

  • Mixed Guide/Instructor- $120 for one evening session and two hours of guided instruction by Tom Bierne of the Barn/Art of the Axe
  • $50 for program center use, permitting, and Mountaineers general use


  • Leader Permission is required to enroll in this course. Instructions for applying

  1. Email me using the request leader permission/apply button between June 11-June 25
  2. In your email, including a short summary of the number of hours you've volunteer plus the activity name between October 1, 2023 and June 25, 2024. You can get a quick summary of this by going to "My Volunteer Hours" when you click on your profile
  3. Hang out and keep climbing while I figure out how to prioritize folks
Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Dry Tooling Lectures/Skill Nights
Seattle Program Center
Tue, Sep 10, 2024
Registration closes Sep 8
6 participants
5 instructors
Private Residence
Tue, Sep 24, 2024
Registration closes Sep 22
6 participants
1 instructor
Dry Tooling - Crag Sessions
Cougar Mountain Crag
Sat, Oct 19, 2024
Registration closes Oct 17
6 participants
5 instructors
Exit 38/Drytool Crag
Sat, Nov 16, 2024
Registration closes Nov 14
6 participants
5 instructors
Required Equipment
  • Technical Alpine Tools with appropriate picks
  • Steel Crampons
  • Shatterproof Eye protection
  • Pitons x 6 (2 of each size)
  • Rock Protection (Cams, Nuts, etc)
  • Ice Protection (Screws)
Course Materials

There are no materials for this course.