WCR - Small Party Rescue

Field trip: Winter Mountaineering & Advanced Crevasse Rescue

WCR - Small Party Rescue - Cougar Mountain Crag

Vertical Scenarios using tree anchors.

  • Casual
  • Mileage: 0.1 mi

8am Cougar Crag

- This will be more on-demand since we are done with the core curriculum. One possibility:
- Morning: attendant tie-in small party rescue, vertical. We can practice with a larger rescue party (e.g. 5, with 2 instructors playing the subject and the belay line operator and the students playing the mainline operator, the attendant, and the rescue leader/communications/safety). We can also play with different mechanical advantage systems.
- Afternoon: rappel-to-ascend two-person rescue, vertical.


students will earn:


Cougar Mountain Crag

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

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