Wilderness First Aid (Base Medical)

Lecture: Wilderness First Aid (WFA) - Everett

Wilderness First Aid (Base Medical) - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Wilderness First Aid with Base Medical

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Class will be held from 8 am until 5 pm in the Cascade Room at the Seattle Mountaineer's Program Center.

This is the in-person class portion of the Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course taught by Base Medical designed to provide elementary skills in remote medical care. The hybrid WFA course consisting of 8 hours of online asynchronous instruction followed by an 8 hour in-person class held at the Mountaineers' Seattle Program Center. The course meets the Wilderness Medicine Education Collaborative (WMEC) Scope of Practice for WFA training.

You will need to complete the online instruction portion of the course 48 hours prior to class time. Please allow at least 8 hours to complete the online content.

The curriculum focuses on making sound decisions regarding patient treatment and evacuation in the wilderness environment as well as skills for extended care. The in-person portion of the course provides students with the skills and confidence for making remote medical care decisions. WFA is ideal for climbers, scramblers and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts who either work or play away from definitive medical facilities and support.


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • Bring your own water, lunch and snacks
  • 10 Essentials (specifically First Aid kit)
  • Gear you might how while you are out
  • Pen/pencil and note paper
  • Bring or wear clothing that you are okay with getting fake blood on
  • Dress appropriately of the weather and you will be partially practicing scenarios outdoors
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