Crag Climbing - Leading Sport Climbs - Bellingham - 2024

Climbing Course

Crag Climbing

Leading Sport Climbs module of the Crag Climbing Course for the Bellingham Branch. Priority will be given to Bellingham Branch members.

Course Description
This module of the Crag Climbing Course is designed to teach the skills, knowledge, and techniques needed to safely lead sport routes on outdoor crags. This one module can be taken independently or in conjunction with the two other modules, Leading Trad Routes and Multipitch Climbing, as a series.

The course is open to climbers age 18 and over. Prerequisites include the ability to CLIMB 5.7 or better outside or inside and rappelling. Knowledge of basic climbing knots, safe belay technique and setting and cleaning sport anchors is also required. Acceptance is based on meeting the course's prerequisites and acceptance of the course application by course leader. Other factors considered are based on past and current climbing experience. Students are screened to select those with the highest potential for course completion. The class size will be limited to 6 QUALIFIED applicants.


Please make sure that you are available for ALL field trips prior to sending your application. Students are required to be present for ALL field trips and there are no opportunities for make up. Please note this course requires each student to own or have access to their own personal climbing gear (see gear list).

Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Crag Course Lecture
Bellingham YMCA
Wed, Jun 26, 2024
Registration closes Jun 24
6 participants
2 instructors
Leading on Rock: Field Trip 1
Sat, Jun 29, 2024 -
Sun, Jun 30, 2024
Registration closes Jun 27
6 participants
2 instructors

Additional badges needed to graduate


Required Equipment

Gear each student MUST HAVE for Class - climbing ropes will be available for the class:

  1. Helmet, harness, rock shoes
  2. 1 personal anchoring device with a locking carabiner
  3. Auto blocking belay device with locking belay carabiner
  4. 8 quick draws
  5. 3 locking carabiners in addition to the others already mentioned (standard sized)
  6. Small water hydration pack with water pouch and enough room for food and warm layers.
  7. 20' Cordalette.  This can be made out of 20' of 7 mm Nylon Cord
  8. First aid kit

 Gear will be discussed at first class. Bring what you have but do not purchase new before class

For your own climbing after class you will need the gear mentioned above, plus:

  1. A rope
  2. Possibly more quick draws depending on what and where you want to climb
  3. Maybe a second cordalette and a few more locking carabiners if you are going to be at a crag with multiple people, setting up multiple ropes for climbing

Optional Gear you will want to consider:

  1. If you have a rope that you like to climb on you are welcome to bring it
  2. Comfortable shoes for walking around the crag
  3. Sandals or something easy to get on between climbs
Course Materials

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