Basic Skill Check Trip - RETIRED - Mount Erie

Field trip: Crag Climbing

Basic Skill Check Trip - RETIRED - Mount Erie

Check if students have the basic skills to take the course and Cover tectonics used at the anchor

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  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)

Arrange at pre-trip meeting

Other Required Equipment:  Ten essential systems, rock climbing gear

Objectives: Students will demonstrate Basic Climbing Skills

  • Ability to safely follow at Moderate Level ( 5.7, 5.8), partner belay and rappel
  • Demonstrate Knots while learning other skills: Rewoven Figure Tie-In, Bowline, Prusik, Coil Rope, Munter, Mule Tie-Off, Overhand, Figure-8, Double Fisherman's, Butterfly, Clove Hitch, Girth Hitch, Double Overhand, Rappel Auto-Block, Belay Escape
  • Demonstrate and practice basic 3 piece belay anchor using a cordelette and also with just the rope.
  • Demonstrate Belaying a second off the anchor, off the harness, and harness redirected
  • Demonstrate swapping leads with emphases on where the second needs to clip into the anchor, the need for early first placement, and Fall Factor
  • While in a hanging belay, on a sport anchor. Belay a second off the anchor, off the harness, and harness redirected. Setup 3:1 raising system off both anchor and redirected belay. Convert belay to a rappel and rappel. Demonstrate belay Escape.

Mount Erie

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Basic Rock Climbing Gear

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