Content Release Form

The liability release and indemnity agreement is required for content contributors with The Mountaineers. This protects your copyrights as a writer and photographer.

I (the Contributor) hereby grant non-exclusive world rights to The Mountaineers, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Seattle, Washington, to publish my materials (Content) in its print magazine, on its website, or in other formats as deemed appropriate by The Mountaineers. 

This Release includes use of Content for publication in the printed magazine as well as across all related Mountaineers organization venues and promotions, including but not limited to the website, blog, and social media, for as long as The Mountaineers requires. I warrant that I am the copyright holder of the Content and understand that The Mountaineers, as well as its contractors and licensees, accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the Contributor’s personal liability or other violations of copyright or persons, which may occur here or elsewhere.

I understand that I will receive no form of payment for use of the Content.

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