Conservation eLearning

Conservation eLearning

Adventure with purpose with us as a steward and advocate for public lands and the outdoor experience by taking our three conservation-focused Mountaineers eLearning courses.

ELearning plays an important role in our community's efforts to teach and learn outdoor skills and build a shared culture of conservation. Our three conservation eLearning courses - Low impact Recreation, Public Lands 101, and Advocacy 101 - will give you the tools you need to tread lightly on the landscape, understand how different types of federal public lands are managed, and go from an outdoor enthusiast to an outdoor advocate.

These courses are open to all Mountaineers members and non-members alike, and are taken online, at any time, and at your own pace. While there are no prerequisites for these courses, we recommend starting with Low Impact Recreation (frequently included as a graduate requirement for Mountaineers skills-based courses), then diving into Public Lands 101, and finishing with Advocacy 101. Public Lands 101 will provide some important background on public lands management that will come in handy as you begin to engage with land managers through advocacy.

low IMPACT recreation

84056b67-ebb4-4936-a576-5dd97dfe9e45.jpegAs outdoor leaders, we work to develop and share resources that teach low impact recreation skills. We created the Be An Outdoor Ambassador video series as an educational resource for our members and the greater outdoor community. Watch these videos for a great baseline on how to recreate responsibly, and take our Low Impact Recreation eLearning course at your own pace and earn the Low Impact Recreation  badge for your  Mountaineers profile. Low Impact Recreation takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Watch The VideosTake Low Impact Recreation


m3_bASE.jpegOur Public Lands 101 eLearning course is a great way to learn about federal public lands. Through this 60-minute course, you'll learn how different types of federal public lands are managed and about the agencies that manage them. You'll also hear about bedrock conservation laws and management designations that protect these lands and waters. Take Public Lands 101 before you get ready to become an outdoor advocate through our Advocacy 101 course. Become knowledgeable of public lands  and earn the public lands 101 badge today.


Advocacy 101

Conor and RyAnn at NCL Lobby Day_1.jpgOur newest conservation eLearning course, Advocacy 101, will help you go from outdoor enthusiast to an outdoor advocate. Through this dedicated advocacy training tool, you’ll learn the basics of advocacy and best practices for advocating for important conservation and recreation initiatives with lawmakers and land managers. Sign up to take the course to build your advocacy skills and earn the Advocacy 101 badge for your Mountaineers profile. This course takes about 60-75 minutes to complete.

Take Advocacy 101

Think of conservation eLearning as the 11th essential for your outdoor experience. After completing these courses, you'll come away with a  better understanding of the lands and waters where you recreate. Interested in incorporating these courses into your Mountaineers programs and activities but don't know where to start? Email our staff at; we'd love to support your efforts to amplify conservation throughout Mountaineers programs.