Better Human Waste Resources at Vantage

If you’d like to see more waste resources at Vantage, let us know!

The Mountaineers is working with the Washington Climber’s Coalition, The Access Fund, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to solve human waste problems at Vantage. We’re working towards increasing the frequency of pumping at the existing toilet, and we hope to get a second toilet installed.

We are no longer collecting comments for this project.

Your voices are what drive projects like this forward. Please provide feedback below about the current state of the area and the importance of getting better waste resources at this beloved climbing and hiking destination.

It’s most effective to have one point person communicating with the agency, so please you the form below, and we’ll pass your comments along!

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Thanks for submitting your comments to The Mountaineers so we can work with our public agencies to help fix this problem!