Your Green Abode

A Practical Guide to a Sustainable Home

  • 256 pages
  • Skipstone
  • 978-1-59485-275-6
  • Sep 27, 2010

Paperback / softback
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* Provides tips that save money as well as carbon emissions
* Real-world advice for busy people on a budget

This sustainable home primer covers ways to green your home from lawn to rooftop, focusing on accessible eco-friendly improvements for any dwelling -- from a cement-walled urban apartment to a turn-of-the-century manse. Your Green Abode is filled with advice on green living, DIY green re-modeling, and green gardening. And any shade of green is better than brown!

Author Tara Rae Miner encourages readers to start small, do what interests them, and handle only what they can afford. The process of greening a home is the process of getting to know a home, and Miner guides readers through different areas, distilling research and advice on everything from window and paint options to more effective ways to recycle to the benefits of planting a garden. With chapters on the home-planet connection, saving energy, and setting policies for a "Personal Clean Air Act," she presents important information on reducing energy bills, ways to measure your "carbon houseprint," and how to eliminate toxic chemicals from your life (be gone, vinyl shower curtains!). Your Green Abode is for real people who want easy-to-understand choices that make their homes a little more earth-friendly -- without signing off on a second mortgage. It's about having realistic expectations and goals, and keeping a sense of humor while learning what makes a home tick.

Check out Tara Rae Miner's website, or connect with her on Facebook!


  • 256 pages
  • Skipstone
  • 978-1-59485-275-6
  • Sep 27, 2010

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