Mac's Pocket Guide: Isle Royale National Park

  • 2 pages
  • Mountaineers Books
  • 978-1-59485-021-9
  • Aug 9, 2006

Fold-out book or chart
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* Durable, inexpensive, fun to use nature identification guide
* Great for families, hikers, and park visitors
* Folded to fit in a jacket or pants pocket

Discover the abundance of life on this island paradise in the middle of Lake Superior. Identify animals and birds-including red fox, river otter, moose, blue heron, and red-tailed hawk, among others-as well as the most common trees and flowers, such as White spruce, Northern red oak, Labrador tea and Ladies tresses. This field guide for Isle Royale National Park is easy to stash in the car or slip into your pack. No matter the weather or terrain, Mac's Pocket Guides are the perfect wildlife identification tool for the amateur naturalist, covering a wide variety of subjects and regions in North America.


  • 2 pages
  • Mountaineers Books
  • 978-1-59485-021-9
  • Aug 9, 2006

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