How To: Managing Auto-Renewal Preferences

A quick tutorial on opting-in (and out) for automatic membership renewal.
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July 03, 2015
How To: Managing Auto-Renewal Preferences

As a Mountaineers member, you can choose to have your membership renewed each year automatically. This feature ensures your membership will continue uninterrupted, and saves on time and resources - helping us (your staff and volunteers) give more people meaningful outdoor experiences.

Benefits of Auto Renewal

Signing up for recurring payments - which includes membership renewals and regular donations - is the best way to assure your future support of The Mountaineers. Here are a few benefits of signing up:

  • Saves you time and reduces the amount of time/money we spend sending reminders to your mail and email boxes.
  • Is  more convenient -  you don't have to remember your renewal date or deal with the hassle of renewing by mail or over the phone.
  • Promotes "green" practices by saving paper.
  • Is secure - your credit card information is stored externally with our encrypted online payment processor, Stripe.
  • Because we know your situation might change, we assured that "opting-out” is as easy as “opting-in”. 

Manage Your Auto Renewal

To manage your automatic payments - either to opt-in or to opt-out of autorenewal, or to set up a recurring payment - follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Visit your My Profile page (one easy shortcut is to click on your name select “My Profile” in the upper right hand corner on any page of our site).
  3. Choose “Recurring Payments” from the blue bar on the left side.
  4. Opt in or opt out of autorenewal by checking or un-checking the box that says, “automatically renew my membership each year.” Doing so will expand your options on the page to allow you safely store your online payment card information. If you are looking to opt out, just select, "cancel automatic renewal".Opt-Out Image
  5. HIT SAVE, AND YOU ARE ALL SET! You can go back and change your preferences at any time by repeating these simple steps.

Want to further support our mission?

From the same page, you can set up automatic recurring donation!

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