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Going Blind on Mount Hood

Mt Hood Palmer Glacier
Injury: Corneal Edema causing blindness in one eye
Cause: Lasik Surgery, altitude, drying wind Read more…

How To: Follow A Climbing Code

Freedom8Cover.pngMany years ago, The Mountaineers devised a set of guidelines to help people conduct themselves safely in the mountains. Based on careful observation of the habits of skilled climbers and a thoughtful analysis of accidents, those guidelines have served well not only for climbers but for all wilderness travelers. Read more…

Vantage Toilet Installed!


It’s in!

Last year, the Washington Climbers Coalition, the American Alpine Club and The Mountaineers, with support from the Access Fund, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Spokane Mountaineers and the entire Northwest climbing community, raised $50,000 for the installation of a toilet at the Frenchman Coulee climbing area (better known as Vantage) in Central Washington. Read more…

10 Essential Questions: Yinan Zhao, Climb Leader

Each week, The Mountaineers interview a member of our outdoor community to ask 10 Essential Questions. This week, we spoke with Yinan Zhao, a climb instructor who came to America from China with big dreams of conquering Mountains.  Read more…