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Yellowjacket Tower/East Flank

Hot sunny day in the Icicle. No snow to be seen anywhere near the trail or tower. Be careful when looking at the route description - there is second large, colorful rock face with chicken heads on the far right side of the tower. We saw it from far away, and started heading for it. There is a gully near the base of it, that sort of fits the "3rd class, with some 4th class" description, with a tree at the base. The rock quality was horrible, and I realized we were definitely not in the right place. After some scouting, we found the correct gully, but it set us back a couple hours.
Lots of loose rock and sand in the main gully up to the base and also in the "hidden 3rd class gully".
I set up a handline in the gully and had the students prusik up the line. My assistant leader got hit by rock fall and received a sizable gash on the shoulder. Helmets are an absolute must here, and I believe protecting this pitch is wise as well. Too much loose stuff and sand-covered rock.
A #1 cam and a black tricam protect the summit block well. We set up a top-rope so everyone could come up and tag the summit.
Well-established rappel stations on the way down. Didn't see any goats. Tons of wildflowers.