Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Union & Jove Peaks

Great scramble to a few peaks near Steven's Pass

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Smithbrook road packed down.  Beyond the road the snow was very soft and thin in some areas where the wind has blown it away.

Very cold at the start.  Was warmer above the meadow, but winds ranging from 20 to  40mph kept if feeling pretty cold most of the day.

We followed the road to the hairpin turn, then headed towards the meadow (summer trail was still visible).  From the meadow we ascended the ridge (S-SW Ridge) until it hit the SE ridge.  The snow was very thin and did not fully cover the rocks.  A better route (the one we took on the way down) is to stay to the left of the ridge and aim for the SE ridge at 5300'. 

Once ascended to the ridge, it is straightfoward to continue the summit of Union and then on to Jove (after dropping 400' and then regaining 800')

Great views of everything from the summit of Jove, however we did not spend a ton of time due to the wind and the small amount of daylight this time of year.

  • Left car at 8am
  • Summit of Union at 11:30
  • Summit of Jove at 1pm
  • Summit of Union at 2pm
  • Back at car at 4:30pm