Union & Jove Peaks

In winter this is a moderate winter scramble or backcountry ski trip. In la spring through fall, this is an easy to moderate, non-technical alpine scramble trip when done in summer or fall.

getting there

Drive SR 2 to the Smith Brook Road turn off and parking area, 4.2 miles east of Stevens Pass (3,190 ft). If coming from the east, drive Stevens Pass Nordic Center and use the U-turn access for SR 2 westbound to the parking area. In spring summer and fall, drive up the Smith Brook Road to the Smith Brook Trailhead (6,000 ft).

spring/summer scramble route

The route starts at the Smithbrook Trail on Smithbrook Road. After approximately 0.3 mile on the trail to Union Gap, depart the trail and bushwhack northeast to gain Union Peak's Southeast ridge. Follow the ridge to the Union Peak summit. From Union Peak, descend meadows on the North Ridge 700 feet to the 5,200 ft saddle between Union Peak and Jove Peak. Then ascend meadows on Jove Peak's South Ridge 800 feet to the its summit. It's 5.0 miles round trip with 2,400 feet of elevation ga

Winter scramble & ski route

Union Peak (5,696 ft)

It's 11 miles round trip with 3,000 feet of elevation gain.

jove peak (6,007 ft)

It's 10 miles round trip with 3,300 feet of elevation gain.

union & jove peaks

It's 10 miles round trip with 4,000 feet of elevation gain.

Information for LEADERS

Many popular snowshoe and ski routes utilize Smith Brook Road parking area where this route begins. Review these other routes to be sure your trip will not conflict with others and encourage carpooling within your group.  

  • Difficulty: Winter Scramble, Strenuous 2, Technical 1
  • Length: 10.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 3,300 ft
  • 6,007 ft
  • Green Trails Alpine Lakes West (Stevens Pass) No. 176S
  • USGS Labyrinth Mtn
  • Red Marker
    47.784009, -121.040543
    47.7840090506 -121.040542963
  • Red Marker
    47.822376, -121.074017
    47.8223755876 -121.074016932

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Winter Scramble - Union & Jove Peaks

Scrambling Trip
We will try very hard to get both peaks. Pls read leader's notes!
Difficulty: Winter Scramble, Strenuous 2, Technical 1
Sat, Mar 31, 2018
Prerequisites, Leader's Permission Required
1 participant on waitlist 0 leaders
Registration closes Mar 29
Seattle Branch
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  • Jove Peak
  • Union Peak

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