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Winter Scramble - Teanaway Butte via Tarzan Butte

Usually offered as a snowshoe via the Jungle Creek Rd route, but this trip was via Tarzan Butte so posting it as a scramble was more appropriate. Easy trip with stunning views from Teanaway summit.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Where we parked just past 29 Pines CG on the Jungle Creek Road.  The road with the yellow gate is where we started.  The right road is where we came out.  NW Forest Pass required.  No privy.

We were using Monty VanderBilt's Peakbaggers Track for this loop trip.  

The 7 of us left the trailhead around 8:20am with snowshoes attached to our packs.  Left the helmets and ice axes at home.   It's a beautiful day. We walk on snow covered service roads off and on and cross a few as well.  After about 2 miles we we are on top of our first peak, Tarzan Butte at 4385'.  Tarzan Butte photo courtesy of Emma Agosta.On the summit of Tarzan Butte with its many burnt trees from the Jolly Mountain fires 2 summers ago.  We felt getting to the top of this peak was the hardest part of the trip due to the steepness.After 20 or so minutes on the summit, we head for the saddle between Tarzan and Teanaway Buttes.  The 6-9" of snow make the rocky scree slippery.  One person had his snowshoes on which really seems to help.  Teanaway Butte is just ahead at 4734'.

We again encounter some roads and follow them on and off while continuing west.  Two more decide to put on snowshoes.  There are some great views of Stuart and Stuart Range.About 450' below the summit, we meet the forest road that will take us to the summit.  Photo courtesy of Emma Agosta.The little bit of trail at the end.

The summit with its lone tree.

 Lots of evidence of the lookout that used to be here.Summit views and our selfie group photo.44237908030_d9a08449b5_o.jpgEnjoyed half hour on the summit before retracing our steps for about 3/4 mile to 4400.'  From here we head north to catch the Jungle Creek Road for the  4 or so miles of road walk out.   Two beautiful pines.Tarzan Butte (named for the Jungle Creek road that's near it) is in sight again as we head for our carsBack at our cars at 4:15pm, right before dark.  Dinner at the Cottage Cafe in Cle Elum and not much traffic returning to Seattle.  What a great way to finish off the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 

Gave it only 4 stars because another foot of snow would have made it better.  


Average stats from a few GPS tracks

10.5 miles

3000' gain

8 hrs with stops at the 2 summits


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